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RA, Vanadzor, st. Tigran Mets 36, tel. (+374.322) 41854 or 41855 - 160

The chair was founded in 1997. Nowadays, 21 lecturers work in the chair.

Two members of Artist Union of the Republic of Armenia, which are from Russian Federation, work in the chair, as well as one member of Composers Union of USSR and Armenia, 9 Associate Professors, 2 Postgraduate lecturers and 2 Assistants work in the chair.

They are organized individual and group exhibitions with landscape, composition, still life and portrait genres in Armenia, former Soviet Union Republics and abroad. The works of the lecturers of the chair have been performed in the concert halls of Armenia and foreign countries, and they are preserved in museums, exhibition halls, art funds and private collections (local and overseas international). Each year they are organized reporting concerts with the participation of the lecturers and students of the musical department, both at university and in urban and regional events. Today, it is formed which comprises the students of different departments of Vanadzor State University.

With the help and efforts of the Faculty and the Chair of Pedagogy, they are organized about 20 student-reporting and thematic exhibitions, interuniversity exhibitions with the participation of the students of Fine Arts department, 800 works have been exhibited, and they have been organized republican concert-festivals.

The chair has published 25 scientific articles, 1 academic manual and 1 monograph, and they have carried out musical developments for the choir.

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