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RA, Vanadzor, st. Tigran Mets 36, tel. (+374.322) 41854 or 41855 - 160

Chair of Literatureof Vanadzor State University was founded in 1969. During the 45 years of its existence the chair has been headed by:

  1. Dmitri Nazaryan (Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor), in 1969
  2. AnushavanMakaryan (Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor),in 1969-1974
  3. Raphael Harutyunyan (Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor, Acting head of the chair),in 1974
  4. MelsSantoyan (Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor),in 1974-1975
  5. VazgenGasparyan (Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor),in 1976-1988
  6. MelsSantoyan (Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor),in 1988-2013
  7. ValeriPiloyan (Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor), since September 2013.

The chair provides courses to all the faculties of the university, both in the full-time and distance learning departments. More than 80 subjects are taught by the chair, including “Basics of Literary Criticism”, “Armenian Folklore”, “History of Armenian Literature”, “History of Foreign Literature”, “Modern Russian Literature”, “Russian Folklore”, “History of Russian Literature”, “History of Russian Criticism”, “Literature of Russian Emigration”, “Introduction to Mass Communication”, “Fundamentals of Journalism”, “History of Mass Media”, “Journalism”, “Ethics of Journalists”, “Broadcasting Journalism”, “History of English Literature”, “Analysis of Literary Texts”, “Modern Armenian Literature”, “History of Armenian Criticism”, “Literature of Armenian Diaspora”, “History of Neighbouring Countries’ Literature”, “Directions of Modern Literary Criticism”, “Modern Belles-lettres Development Tendencies”, “Legends and Innovations”, “Armenia in Russian Literature”, “History and Theory of Popular Art”, “Management of the Process of Popular Art”, etc.

20 lecturers work in the chair, among them 3 Doctors of Sciences, professors, 9 Candidates of Philological Sciences. 3 of the employees of the chair are post-graduate students.

Anushavan Makaryan (Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor), Abel Shirinyan (Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor), Raphael Harutyunyan (Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor), Dmitri Nazaryan(Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor), Vazgen Gasparyan (Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor), Vahram Makaryan (Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor), Shavarsh Mughnetsyan (Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor), Margarita Aslanyan (Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor), Vera Amirkhanyan (Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor), Ruzanna Tumanyan (Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor), Raisa Poghosyan (Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor), Davit Gasparyan(Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor), An. Zaqaryan (Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor), A. Petrosyan (Doctor of Philological Sciences), writers Davit Hovhannes and Hrachya Sarukhan have worked in the chair. 4 post-graduate students work in the chair (L. Sahakyan, D. Khanaghyan, Q. Ghazaryan, S. Zaqaryan).

Today the chair undertakes research in the fields of Literary Criticism, History of Armenian, Russian and Foreign Literature, Methods of Teaching Armenian Literature. The lecturers of the chair are authors of about 600 articles, many monographs and educational and methodological manuals. Among those compilations are:

Santoyan, “And Will Dance Forever”, Kirovakan, 1987; V. Gasparyan, “Nature and Writer”, Ye., 1983; Sh. Mughnetsyan, “The Call for Retreat”, Ye.,  1984; V. Amirkhanyan, “Small Prose of Stepan Zoryan”, Ye., 1985; M. Santoyan, “Seventy Springs, Minstrel Zaqaryan”, Kirovakan, 1992; M. Santoyan, “Measurements of Epic Image Creation”, V., 1994 (second edition Ye., 2006); M. Santoyan, “Hamzachiman”, V., 1997; M. Santoyan, “Archpriest Khoren Khanzadyan, Memoirs and Publications, Ye., 1998; M. Santoyan, “Charents and Literary Schematics”, Ye., 1998; M. Aslanyan, “Armenian-English Literary relations in the 18thCentury”, Ye., 1998; M. Santoyan, “One of the Carol Mages”, Ye, 2000; M. Santoyan, “Faith Chandeliers”, St. Etchmiadzin, 2000; H. Ayvazyan, “Reviews of the Genocide and the Image of General Andranik”, Ye., 2000; V. Yeghiazaryan, “Life and Works of Hovhannes Tlkurantsi”, Ye., 2001; R. Tumanyan, “Mkhitar Anetsi”, Ye., 2001; M. Santoyan, “Hovhannes Tumanyan, Poetics Issues”, Ye., 2002; G. Malumyan, “P. Sevak’s Poem “Unceasing Belfry” (in Russian), Novosibirsk, 2002; M. Santoyan“Spiritual Bread of the Generation”, Ye., 2003; V. Yeghiazaryan, “Philological Quests”, (compilation of scientific articles), Ye., 2003; V. Yeghiazaryan, “The Divine man, the Great Philologist”, V., 2004; V. Yeghiazaryan, “Hovhannes Tlkurantsi: Carols and Treasures”, V., 2004; “Sebeos, History”, Eastern Armenian translation, introduction and notes  by G. Khachatryanand V. Yeghiazaryan, Ye., 2005; H. Ayvazyan, “Conscience Philosophy ant Literature”, Ye., 2005; M. Santoyan, A. Santoyan, “Dictionary of Literary Criticism”, Ye., 2006; M. Santoyan, “Literary Mysteries”, Ye., 2006; G. Malumyan, “Manuscripts do not Burn”, V., 2006; A. Sarukhanyan, “Hovhannes Tumanyan and the Armenian Dialects”, V., 2006; V. Piloyan, “Artistic Thought at the Beginning of the 20th Century and the Works of Levon Shant”, Ye., 2007; V Yeghiazaryan, “Hairens, Investigation”, Ye., 2007; L. Antonyan, “Outline of the Typology of two Literary Directions at the Beginning of the 20th century”, V., 2007; M. Santoyan, “In the Orbit of Poetry”, Ye., 2008; V. Piloyan, “Voices of the Time”, Ye., 2008; M. Santoyan, “Dictionary of Literary Criticism”, Ye., 2009; H. Ayvazyan, “The Vivifying Power of Literature”, Ye., 2010; G. Malumyan, “Translation, Theory and Process”, V., 2010; “Grigor Aknertsi, History of the Archer’s Nation” (the Eastern Armenian translation, introduction and notes  by G. Khachatryan and V. Yeghiazaryan), Ye., 2011; V. Yeghiazaryan, “Reviews on the Armenian Literature before Mashtots”, Ye., 2011; V. Piloyan, “Time and Literature”, Ye., 2012; A. Shahinyan, “Some Issues of Children’s Literature”, V., 2012; M. Santoyan, “Minstrel Zaqaryan”, Ye., 2013; H. Barburyan, “Literature in the Internet”, V., 2014; T. Danielyan, “Radio’s Current Stage Development Regularities in RA”, V., 2014; T. Danielyan, “Introduction to Mass Communication”, V., 2014; V. Yeghiazaryan, “History of Old Armenian Literature”, Ye., 2014; “Ghebubna of Edessa, King Abgar’s Paper to Christ, and Sermons of St. Thaddeus”, (the Eastern Armenian translation, introduction and notes  by V. Yeghiazaryan), Ye., 2014; S. Zaqaryan, “B. L. Pasternak and the Armenian Literature”, Vanadzor, 2014, etc.

Head of the Chair of Literature Piloyan Valeri, (Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor)

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