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The Chair of Psychology and Sociology was established in 1990 by separating from the Chair of Pedagogy and Psychology. From the day of its establishment up to the present time the chair has been headed by R. A. Avagimyan, who is Candidate of Psychological Sciences and Associate Professor.

The Chair of Psychology and Sociology provides courses to all the faculties of the university. The lecturers of the chair have developed quite a great number of new courses, that meet the modern requirements of those departments connected to the opening of new specializations with Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes at university. They are delivered more than 60 subjects in the chair, mainly with the following specializations: “Psychology”, “Pedagogy and Sociology” and “Social Work”.

The scope of the research work of the lecturers is broad and it covers different spheres. The lecturers of the Chair of Psychology and Sociology fulfill academic research on problems based on the psychological problems of lecturer’s pedagogical function, characteristics of communication in conflict situations, diagnosis and psycho correction of the deviant behavior of adolescents in risk groups, ethno-psychological and socio-economic reasons of family conflicts, early diagnosis of psychological deviations of junior age group, student’s psychological security and so on.

The lecturers of the chair supervise work of the SSC on a regular basis, Master’s thesis, which receive numerous encouragements and high appraisal. As a leading organization, the chair regularly reviews the theses for the Candidate’s Degree.  Active psychological assistance is provided to the schools of Vanadzor and the region within the scope of university-school relation.  The lecturers of the chair deliver lectures to the teachers of Vanadzor and the region on various modern topics referring to the process of education and upbringing, as well as they participate in the forensic psychological examinations appointed by the court of first instance of  Lori region. The lecturers of the chair have published more than 100 scientific articles dedicated to the current issues of psychology.

In 2003 it was established a cabinet of psychology and pedagogy attached to the chair, which is equipped with modern technologies, and there one can get acquainted with modern psychological literature. The psychological consulting center was established attached to the chair, the principal aim of which is to support and help the students and employees psychologically.

The chair has close professional cooperation with the following chairs- “General Psychology” of YSU, “Theory and History of Psychology”, “Age and Pedagogical Psychology”, “Developmental and Applied Psychology” of YSPU, the Chair of Psychology of GSPI, and that is mainly manifested in the professional development and experience exchange of the lecturers of the chair.

In order to deepen the professional knowledge of the students and develop their appropriate skills, regular courses, seminars, round tables and  trainings are organized, experienced specialists and guests, who are famous in the Republic, are invited, and they try to transmit their professional skills to youngsters.

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