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The Chair of Pedagogy is one of the chairs the establishment of which coincides with the foundation of the University (in 1969). It was established due to the enthusiasm and efforts of the prominent scientist-pedagogues of the time. G. Harutyunyan (Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor), A. Ignatyan (Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor), Kh. Aghajanyan (Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor), H. Badalyan (Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor) and others contributed to the establishment of the chair.

In 1978 the chair split, and it was opened the Chair of Elementary Education of Pedagogy and Methodology parallel to it, which was headed by Khachatur Aghajanyan (Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, in 1987-1983), Garegin Ghuyumchyan (Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, in 1983-2002). They have made a great contribution to the establishment and development of the chair.

In 2003 the chairs reunited and it was founded “the Chair of Pedagogy”.

12 lecturers work in the chair, among them one Doctor of Sciences, Professor, 11 Candidates of Sciences.  6 of them are Associate Professors.

In 2015 Gagik Eminyan, the headmaster of Vanadzor high school N13, and in 2016 Nara Shahnazaryan and Hasmik Khachatryan were registered as assistants of the chair.

The chair provides courses to all the faculties of the university both in full-time and Distance learning departments.

The lecturers of the chair have developed new courses that correspond to contemporary criteria presented to higher education. They are taught about 70 subjects in the chair. The scope of the research work of the lecturers is diverse and it comprises different fields of pedagogical sciences.

The scientific directions of the research work of the Chair of Pedagogy are the followings:

  • the history and development of Armenian school and pedagogical thought,
  • the current issues of the learners’ upbringing and improvement of education.

There are 3 research groups in the chair for improving the scientific and research work.

The lecturers of the chair supervise the work of the SSC on a regular basis, from which the majority have been awarded with diplomas, graduating papers, which have always been distinguished for their high scientific level. The chair, as a leading organization, reviews doctoral and PhD dissertations.

The chair cooperates with the Chairs of Pedagogy of Yerevan State University and Yerevan State Pedagogical University. P. Gevorgyan, who is the head of the chair, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences and Professor, is the Deputy Chairman of the Professional Council 065 of HQC of pedagogy of the Republic of Armenia at Yerevan State University.

The chair cooperates with the schools of Vanadzor and Lori region. They are delivered lectures to teachers, schoolchildren and parents on a regular basis about the process of education and upbringing and the investment of new technologies.

Among the traditional events, the meetings with school-leavers are of great importance (an event on vocational guidance of high school students, memorial evenings, and matinee performances on different topics). During the 47 years of its existence, along with the pedagogical activity, the chair has carried out scientific and research work, the results of which are the methodological manuals, the monographs, and about 530 scientific articles. The lecturers of the chair have actively participated in different conferences of the university and the republic.

It is constantly organized the theoretical and methodological seminar in the chair.

In 2003 the cabinet of psychology and pedagogy was established. It is equipped with modern technologies and it has rich professional literature, which gives the student the opportunity to enrich his/her professional knowledge.

 Head of the chair P. Gevorgyan

On the 24th of January in 2017

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