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RA, Vanadzor, st. Tigran Mets 36, tel. (+374.322) 41854 or 41855 - 160

Chair of History of Vanadzor State University was founded in 1969. In 1977 it joined the Chairs of History of Soviet Union and Scientific Communism because of the closure of the Faculty of History. The chair of History was reopened in 1990. During its existence the chair was headed by Alexander Grigoryants, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor (in 1969-1970); SourenHovnanyan, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor (in 1970-1975); SasunikVirabyan, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor(in 1975-1990); GrigorKarakhanyan, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor (in 1990-1993); Samson Qaryan, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor (in 1993-2010) and Felix Movsisyan, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor (since February 2010 up to the present time).

In different years, in chair of History they have worked prominent scientists, such as A. Hambaryan, correspondent member of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor; V. Hakobyan, L. Khacheryan, St. Stepanyan, Doctors of Historical Sciences and Professors. Vl. Barkhudaryan and H. Avetisyan (academicians of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia); G. Geghamyan, G. Petrosyan, E. Minasyan, H. Harutyunyan, H. Abrahamyan, R. Nahapetyan (Doctors of Historical Sciences, Professors) and others have cooperated with the chair in the field of scientific and educational relationship.

Nowadays, scientists with scientific potential and with rich pedagogical experience work in the chair. There are 14 lecturers in the chair, of whom 2 are  Doctors of Historical Sciences and Professors, 1 is Doctor, of whom 11are Candidate of Historical Sciences andof whom 8 are Associate Professors.

In October 2011 the chair organized a scientific conference devoted to the 90th anniversary of the Treaties of Moscow and Kars signed in 1921, in cooperation with the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia and the department of Social Sciences, and with the Institute of History and Oriental Institute of Science. The conference was devoted to the 90th anniversary of contrasts of Moscow and Kars in 1921. In 2012 the chair organized an International Conference on the theme of “Current issues relating to World History”. In April 2014 the chair had an international conference about “Armenia and Eurasian Integration” in collaboration with “Integration and Development” social organizationof research and analysis. The lecturers of the chair regularly participate in international, interuniversity and national conferences, they carry out scientific and experimental work based on the main issues of history and they lead the students’ scientific work.

The chair does research within the framework of the topic "Historical and cultural monuments of Lori Region of the Republic of Armenia". The staff of the chair fulfills necessary work so as to investigate the factual state of the historical monuments of the region, and then theyrepresentthe information about it to the corresponding authorities. 

Nowadays, the chair carries out scientific researches on the theme of “The current main issues of Armenian and all over the world”. The lecturers of the chair are authors of about 200 scientific articles, more than 20 monographs and manuals. From the recently printed monographs “European national-liberal movements and Armenian Public Opinion in the 1st half of the XIX century” by F. Movsisyan, “Masons and American Revolution”, “From the History of the Armenian-Azerbaijani relations: in 1918-1920” written by Yu. Ghulyan, “Armenian Culture in 1945-1990” by G. Yetimyan, “The Armenian and Greek communities of Constantinople in the 15-18thcenturies” by M. Brutyan and “The Relief of Salmas” by A. Meliqyan are worth mentioning.

The contents of scientific articles published by the lecturers of the chair are diverse. The studies refer to European and American national-liberal revolutions in the XVIII-XIX centuries and the assessment of Armenian public opinion of it, Armenian Domestic and Foreign policy, border issues of Armenia with neighboring countries, Armenian-Azerbaijani relations, Armenian-Greek relations, the development of Science and Culture, Armenian periodical press, the  history of political movements and organizations, the socio-economic live of Ancient Armenia, the  teaching methods of History at school.

The number of the subjects taught by the chair with Bachelor’s degree educational programme exceeds 40, and the number of courses with Master’s degree educational programme is near 20.

In the Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree departments of History, the chair carries out the development and teaching of a number of subject programmes, such as “Leaders of the USSR”, “History of Masons”, “Current Issues of the Middle East”, “History of Armenian Communities”, “Modern Diaspora”, “The Collapse of the USSR and Formation of the CIS”, “Colour revolutions”, “The Modern International Political Organizations”, etc.

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