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A thank-you letter was sent to S. Toumanyan, Acting Rector of VSU, on behalf of the directorate of Yeghishe Charents House-Museum. The letter ran thus:

“Dear Mrs. Toumanyan, we express our gratitude to Vanadzor State University named after H. Toumanyan, the academic staff and the students for partaking in the event dedicated to the birthday of Yeghishe Charents. We appreciate the work that the students have accomplished and their devotion. We would like to express our special thanks to Professor Gayane Malumyan, for organizing an educational and interesting event, for preparing the students properly and expressing her deep appreciation. We are glad for this important cooperation and hope that it will be continuous. Our next meeting will take place in summer, as we have promised.

Please, inform us about the conferences that will be held at the University for deepening our partnership. We hold an annual conference both on the day of the death of Yeghishe Charents and the next day. If you would like to participate in it, you can send your applications to our email address.


Directorate of Yeghishe Charents House-Museum.”

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