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From March 18 to 21, VSU hosted Holger Sauer, a professor of German from Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nurnberg, Germany. On the first day of the lecture, the guest introduced the history of the city of Nurnberg. The next lecture of H. Sauer referred to the German grammar and creative writing.

Mr. Sauer also held auditions; particularly he attended the lectures of Gohar Dokholyan, VSU professor of German. Various teaching methods were discussed.

Mr.  Sauer participated in the seminar on Benchmarking organized by the “Resource Center” of VSU, during which the students who had studied abroad presented some innovative-interactive methods and made their suggestions on the improvement of academic processes.

Before leaving VSU, H. Sauer had the opportunity of attending the opening ceremony of VSU Erasmus+ Conference Hall, where the guest tested the opportunities of the equipment of the Conference Hall for the first time.

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