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Hermine Grigoryan, Dean of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of VSU, participated in the seminar entitled “Holistic Approach to University Management and Governance and Shared Responsibility for Outcomes”, which was held at Northern University, on September 5-6, 2019.

The participants of the seminar spoke about the effective mechanisms for university governance. They also discussed the issues related to their development and transparency. The purpose of the seminar and training was to help the university administrators to develop, implement and use the holistic (whole university) approach in university governance and management system.

Dr. Paul O’Leary, European expert from Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland, presented his experience, speaking about those education management tools, which were used to organize the learning process properly. The partakers of the seminar conducted a discussion on those tools, with the help of which it was possible to reveal and identify the roles and responsibilities of all the unversity structures in the management and governance of the universities, and to establish stronger links among these roles and responsibilities and learning outcomes, as well as Key Performance Indicators.  

The presentation was followed by an active Q&A session. The participants of the seminar were awarded certificates.

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