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The meetings with the freshmen of various Faculties of VSU continued. This time, besides general safety rules and legal advice, the University logo, anthem and flag were introduced to the students. Other current issues were also discussed related to Public Relations.

A. Davtyan, Public Relations Specialist at Media Publishing Department of VSU, congratulated the freshmen and handed in the University anthem in a printed version, with notes.

Liana Sahakyan, a lawyer at VSU, introduced the order of becoming a member of Student Council and Student Scientific Society, as well as the order of making use of the electronic library (e-library) and the reading room of VSU Library.

The freshmen of the University posed a great deal of questions to the meeting initiators about the discount system of tuition fees, as they wanted to know how they could get a tuition discount. The students also asked them a few questions about the procedure for conducting midterm exams.

The initiators of the meeting informed the students that they could find the answers to the questions that interested them on the official website of Vanadzor State University (www.vsu.am).

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