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VSU Faculty of History and Geography hosted Armen Matinyan, former graduate of the University, Member of Vanadzor Community Council. Five students from the Faculty of History and Geography of the University were awarded “Arsen Harutyunyan” scholarship for their higher academic performance this year as well, without breaking the tradition. This scholarship was established in honor of Arsen Harutyunyan, who passed away two years ago.

The students of the Faculty of History and Geography at VSU have been awarded “Arsen Harutyunyan” one-off scholarship for already two years. Armen Matinyan fulfilled his goal together with Garnik Mazmanyan, a fellow student who lives in France, and is the Chairman of “Armenian-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry”. Arsen Harutyunyan was their fellow student, who founded and edited the periodical of the University, which was entitled “A break”.

This year, the nominees for the nominal scholarship were again chosen taking into account their academic performance, as well as their Grade Point Average (GPA). A. Matinyan offered scholarship support to five students from the Faculty of History and Geography at VSU.

Lusine Kostandyan, Dean of the Faculty of History and Geography, as well as the students, who were awarded the scholarship, expressed their gratitude to them for always appreciating the role of the University and native faculty.

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