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On the third of October, the third year students in the specialty of “Social Pedagogy” participated in the regular meeting on conducting laboratory work within the scope of the course entitled “Sociօ-pedagogical Methods” at Vanadzor Basic Inclusive School № 25 named after Victor Hambardzumyan. The students got acquainted with the documents necessary for organizing the professional activities of the social pedagogue in the educational institution, the results of the pupil's educational activities, the socio-pedagogical observation paradigm, as well as the advanced socio-pedagogical experience in the educational institution and the socio-pedagogical expertise.

Anahit Ghazumyan, Headmaster of Vanadzor Basic Inclusive School № 25 named after V. Hambardzumyan, permitted Anna Aslanyan, a social pedagogue at the same school, to conduct the lesson. Anna Aslanyan shared her practical experience with the participants of the meeting and answered those questions that interested the students. Afterwards, a heated discussion was conducted.

The students acquired thorough knowledge, as well as strengthened University-School cooperation, during the effective conduction of the laboratory work.


Seda Bezhanyan,

 Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor,

A lecturer of the course entitled “Sociօ-pedagogical Methods”


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