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VSU hosted Hasmik Seymour, translator, theatre historian, journalist and the founder of the Armenian Shakespeare Association (ASA), on the 10th of October. Hasmik Seymour was from Queen Mary University of London. The guest delivered two reports for the professors and the students of the Faculty of Philology of the University in Armenian and English.

The first report was dedicated to the life of the prominent 20th century American playwright Arthur Miller and the first period of his creative work. The professors and the students of the Faculty of Philology participated in it.

 The second report was devoted to the discussion of the immortal works of William Shakespeare, their Armenian translations and impact on Armenian reality. It was attended by the professors of the Chair of Foreign Languages at VSU and the students from different courses of the Department of English Language and Literature.

The presentations were followed by a dynamic Q&A session. Hasmik Seymour expressed her willingness to deepen cooperation with the Chair of Foreign Languages. The guest emphasized that she was impressed by the warm welcome the academic staff of the University gave her and by the level of the students' knowledge.

Hasmik Seymour was awarded appreciation letter. Lusik Vardanyan, Head of the Chair of Foreign Languages, expressed her gratitude to the guest for interesting and effective reports.

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