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Kristine Ghazaryan, Professor of VSU Chair of Jurisprudence, Candidate of Law  and Associate Professor, and  Maria Brutyan, Professor of VSU Chair of History, Candidate of Historical Sciences and Associate Professor,  participated in the training-workshop on the Development of Open Educational Resources (OER) that was held at the Catholic University of Leuven (KU Leuven) (Belgium) on October 15-17, 2019, within the framework of ERASMUS+ PRINTeL project, called “Change in Classroom: Promoting innovative Teaching & Learning to Enhance Student Learning Experience in Eastern Partnership Countries”.

The course aimed at developing the application and investment skills of Open Educational Resources of the professors from ERASMUS+ Partner Universities (Armenia, Georgia, Belarus). A number of key issues were discussed during the training regarding the use, transformation and introduction of Open Educational Resources. The participants attended the workshop on the use of Open Educational Resources, as well as got acquainted with the core requirements necessary for the preparation of educational videos. The partakers worked out and produced educational videos and discussed certain aspects that would be useful for further improvement of the efficiency and quality of the videos production on the third day of the training.

The three-day teacher training course gave VSU professors an opportunity to use the Open Educational Resources properly and, most importantly, create educational videos that aimed at modernizing education system. The training and workshop proved to be one of the most productive PRINTeL courses enhancing innovative teaching and learning.

The professors, who were trained within the scope of ERASMUS+ PRINTeL project, will share their experience with the administrative and academic staff of VSU in the near future.

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