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An International Student Conference dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the foundation of Artsakh State University was held in the Republic of Artsakh, on November 3-5, 2019. The plenary session kicked off in the session hall of National Assembly of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR). 150 students from Artsakh, Armenia and abroad attended the three-day International Student Conference. The majority of the participants were from Vanadzor State University.

Armen Sargsyan, Rector of Artsakh State University, welcomed the partakers of the International Student Conference, presenting the history and achievements of the university. Ashot Ghulyan, Speaker of the National Assembly of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR), ministers, academic staff, as well as students also participated in the plenary session.
Shushan Nersisyan, a student from Vanadzor State University, delivered a report during the plenary session.

After the plenary session, the work of the International Student Conference continued in the specialized sections. VSU students delivered their reports in the following specialized sections: Philology, Jurisprudence, History and Politology, Economics, Pedagogy and Psychology, Information Technology and Natural Sciences.

The students met Armen Sargsyan, Rector of Artsakh State University, and Vice-Rectors of the university within the scope of the Conference. The students had an opportunity to talk with them about student conferences and their positive outcomes. The administrative staff of Artsakh State University expressed his sincere gratitude to Vanadzor State University for its active participation in the International Student Conference. They emphasized the role that Kirovakan Pedagogical Institute played in the existence of Artsakh State University at that time.

The closing ceremony of the International Student Conference took place in “Matenadaran-Gandzasar” Scientific-Cultural Center on the fifth of November. Armen Sargsyan, Rector of Artsakh State University, awarded certificates of attendance to the participants of the Conference at the closing ceremony. The students, who partook in the International Student Conference, delivered speech during the closing ceremony. They presented the characteristics of their universities.

The daily life of those students, who visited Artsakh State University, was also filled with cultural programmes. The students visited Tatev Monastery Complex, before going to Artsakh. They also paid a visit to “Matenadaran-Gandzasar” Scientific-Cultural Center, where they revealed a great deal of manuscripts, as well as Gandzasar and Dadivank Monasteries, where they lit candles.

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