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The Student Scientific Society of VSU organized a Scientific Session on the 8th of November. Thematic range was not limited. Some of the participants attended the Conference and some of them partook remotely. The following sections operated during the session: History, Jurisprudence and Politology, Armenian Philology, Foreign Languages and Literature, Economics, Pedagogy, Psychology and Sociology, Philosophy, Art Criticism, Natural Sciences and Geography, Biology and Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics and Informatics.

Susanna Tumanyan, Acting Rector of VSU, welcomed the participants and attendees of the Conference at the plenary session. S. Tumanyan, Acting Rector of VSU, mentioned that the Student Scientific Society of VSU was also an organization with over 50 years of history as Vanadzor State University. The employees of the University were always cognizant of science events. S. Tumanyan, Acting Rector of VSU, suggested that the participants should watch the video entitled “Half a century road” that was prepared by the employees of VSU Media Publishing Department and was dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the University.

Shushan Nersisyan, Head of the Student Scientific Society of VSU, welcomed the partakers of the Conference during the plenary session. Tatevik Aleksanyan, a student from VSU, and Aramayis Avetisyan, a student from Gavar State University, delivered reports at the plenary session. After the plenary session, the work of the Conference continued in the specialized sections. We will touch upon it later.

The Conference attracted an unprecedented number of attendees. About 150 people partook in the Conference from the following universities: Yerevan State University, Gavar State University, Shirak State University, Russian-Armenian University, Armenian State Pedagogical University, Gevorgyan Theological Seminary in the Mother See of Holy Ejmiatsin and Gyumri Branch of National Polytechnic University of Armenia. The working languages of the Conference were Armenian, Russian and English.

Those papers that were delivered at the Scientific Session and were guaranteed for publication by the members of the Academic Council of the respective Faculties will be published in the next issue of “The Collection of Scientific Articles” of VSU Student Scientific Society. By the way, all the papers are checked with the help of plagiarism detection software.

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