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The event dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the foundation of VSU Faculty of Pedagogy was held on the fourth of December at VSU hall. The professors, students, employees, as well as graduates of VSU Faculty of Pedagogy attended the event.

The anthem of the University was played at the beginning of the event. Afterwards, the participants of the event watched a video on the history of foundation of VSU Faculty of Pedagogy that comprised the following chairs: Chair of Pedagogy, Chair of Arts and Chair of Psychology and Sociology.

Tereza Shahverdyan, the Dean of VSU Faculty of Pedagogy, Doctor of Philological Sciences and Professor, was awarded a letter of appreciation by Arman Bernetsyan, a lecturer of VSU Faculty of History and Geography and Deputy Mayor of Vanadzor, on behalf of Mamikon Aslanyan, the Mayor of Vanadzor, for her devotion to her profession and calling.

The gifted students of VSU Faculty of Pedagogy and singers of State Song Theatre of Vanadzor performed their songs for the partakers of the event.

At the end of the event, the professors of VSU Faculty of Pedagogy were awarded letters of appreciation.

We congratulate all the students and employees of the Faculty of Pedagogy of VSU, wishing them success in their future endeavours.

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