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Z. Vardanyan, the Dean of VSU Faculty of Biology and Chemistry, A. Gevorgyan, Head of Educational-Methodological Department, M. Shahverdyan, Head of Quality Assurance Center, A. Khachatryan and A. Manukyan, sociologists of programme team, T. Aghajanyan, the second year Master student in the specialty of “Biology”, participated in the course on “Methodology for Evaluation of Ethics and Internal Quality Assurance”, organized by Open Society Foundations-Armenia, held in the context of the education programme in Biology on the 5th of December, 2019, at Shirak State University. They were the members of the programme team carrying out self-assessment. The course was conducted by international experts.

The factors and motives for breaking ethical rules, the methodology for ethical decision-making, as well as the self-assessment techniques of internal quality assurance and modern data collection methods were introduced to the partakers within the scope of the course. The course also comprised practical work.

The main aim of the meeting was to contribute to the further activities of Open Society Foundations-Armenia and conduct the self-analysis of education programme properly.

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