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Silva Muradyan, PhD researcher at the Chair of Armenian Language, was enrolled in a three-month’s Erasmus+ International Mobility Postgraduate Program at the University of Granada under the supervision of Dr. Salvador Valera Hernandez (Department of English and German Philology) to carry out her research on The Valency of Transitive Verbs. She gained potentially useful experience for her research career, and gained awareness of the value of her research and its international relevance. Particularly S. Muradyan conducted a comparative examination of the Armenian and English verbal valency: the research based on this investigation was summarized as a thesis and was submitted for participation at the 53rd Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea conference at the University of Bucharest. Foundations were also laid for publishing a co-authored article with her supervisor Salvador Valera Hernandez.

S. Muradyan also attended a professor Hernandez’s specific course on language research methods, as well as a seminar on “How to Write a Scientific Work” for PhD students and masters, presenting the work and reforms in this field in Armenia.

The exchange program was also an opportunity to get acquainted with European postgraduate education.

At a different level, S. Muradyan also contacted administrative staff of the University of Granada who, in previous years, participated in various Erasmus program actions, with a view to further potential exchange actions in the future.

VSU received a positive response from supervisor Salvador Valera Hernández, who wrote in his final report: “S. Muradyan successfully completed her scientific work at our university. This has been my most successful Erasmus mobility experience for over 30 years. The key to this success lies in the participant's scientific maturity and ability to collaborate with new work groups. S. Muradyan gained useful experience in her research and was informed about the value of her research and its international relevance. The University of Granada, in particular, as a scientific supervisor, is pleased to have the opportunity to work with S. Muradyan”.

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