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At the beginning of each academic year, VSU Educational-Methodological Department organizes seminars and meetings with senior advisors and course mentors. The employees of VSU Educational-Methodological Department introduced the links to the learning materials to the students studying in distance learning system, during the meetings conducted on January 10-16.

The learning materials, such as the lectures, educational-methodological packages of the discipline and student guide, were available on this online platform: onedrive.live.com. The students studying in distance learning system can follow these links and find the learning materials that are necessary for them. These learning materials are available on both their computers and phones.

The educational-methodological materials are also provided to the students studying in distance learning system on memory sticks. Those students, who want to have it, can take it from the methodologist of VSU Educational-Methodological Department (VSU Administartive Building, ground floor, third room).

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