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The internship defense of the fourth year students in the specialty of “Armenian Language and Literature” of VSU Faculty of Philology was held. The Dean of the Faculty of Philology, the Heads of the Chairs of Armenian Language and Literature, as well as the internship supervisors and the representatives from relevant department, attended the internship defense.

The fourth year students visited Jrashen community of Lori Region (carrier of Moush dialect), talked with the inhabitants and compiled folk works, within the scope of the internship conducted in the field of Dialectology. The students shared their internship experience with the participants of the meeting.

The students applied the knowledge gained and skills acquired through the internship in practice. At the defense, the students used video series and tape recordings, while delivering their internship reports. The internship was conducted in this format for the first time.

The students introduced the work that they carried out during the internship in NAS RA Institute of Language after H. Acharyan and Museum of Literature and Art after Yeghishe Charents to the partakers of the internship defense. The interns also presented the provenance, editorial and collecting work that they accomplished, which comprised the folkloristic and dialectical subdivisions.

At the defense, discussions were conducted. In case of necessity, the internship supervisors corrected the mistakes of the interns.

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