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The lecturers of the Chair of Biology of VSU Faculty of Biology and Chemistry, such as Z. Vardanyan, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, L. Bayramyan, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor, and G. Sahakyan, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor, participated in the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Actual and Perspective Directions for the Development of Scientific and Technological Progress” that was organized by West-Siberian Scientific Centre in Kemerovo (Russian Federation). The lecturers introduced the scientific article entitled “Quantitative Indicators of Chlorophyll in the Stems of Some Edible Wild Plants” («Количественные показатели хлорофилла в стеблях некоторых съедобных диких растений») to the participants of the International Scientific and Practical Conference. The scientific paper comprised the outcomes of the research that they carried out in Natural Sciences Complex Laboratory of VSU.

Then, the results of the competition were announced. VSU lecturers became the winners of the competition, as their article was the best among the others. They were awarded with a diploma.

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