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Anna Arakelyan, Ph D of Pedagogics, Associate Professor of the Chair of Foreign Languages, has participated in the Trainings of Trainers (TOT) course, organized by ERASMUS+ PRINTEL project , held on December 3-7, 2018, at Linköping University (Li.U).

The purpose of the visit was to acquire knowledge and skills that meet modern requirements. The five-day TOT course  was dedicated to the method of active learning in the flipped classroom. The course was delivered by Didacticum, the teaching staff development center at Linköping University.

The concepts, approaches and strategies of implementing flipped classroom were introduced to the participants of the course.  Flipped classroom is an innovative approach where activities that have traditionally taken place inside the classroom now take place outside the classroom and vice versa. Instead of giving traditional lectures, the teacher prepares video lectures or other kinds of multimedia resources that the students will use to prepare for classroom activities. The scheduled time inside class will instead be used for questions & answers or group-based problem-solving sessions. The idea is that this approach will make the students more active and increase the quality of learning.

During the trainings the participants were able to use the model of flipped classroom in practice, discuss the priorities of TET-SAT, an online self-assessment tool that aims to trigger teachers’ self-reflection and promotes professional development of digital pedagogical competence.

On completion of the course, the participant were able to:

  • Discuss how active learning and the use of digital tools can support students’ learning
  • Use digital tools to support active learning during a teaching and learning activity and to prepare course material
  • Design teaching and learning activities that takes advantage of digital tools.

 The course participants were awarded certificates upon the completion of the TOT course.

According to the agreement signed with Vanadzor State University, with the support of Center of Continuing Education A.Arakelyan has planned to undertake a five –day  training course  for VSU professors in accordance with the programme at VSU,  February/March 2019.

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