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VSU and the University of Porto have been cooperating since 2015, in accordance with the agreement on international mobility, and hence, a strong friendly relationship has been established between the two universities. Dozens of VSU students were given the opportunity to study a semester at the University of Porto, and there has also been an exchange of administrative and teaching staff between the universities.

            In light of the pandemic, the classes at the partner university are conducted online. This, in fact, opened up a possibility for the lecturers of VSU Chair of Foreign Languages and Literature – Lusik Vardanyan and Gohar Dokholyan to hold classes with Master’s students of the University of Porto (Angela Carvalho, a lecturer at the University of Porto undertook the initiative).

            On March 17, Lusik Vardanyan, Associate Professor, Chair of Foreign Languages and Literature, conducted a course on ‘‘Paragraph and Essay Writing Techniques and Strategies’’ for students of the Department of English Language Pedagogy. During the course, the students were introduced to the main forms and types of paragraphs and essays, structural, linguistic and content peculiarities.

            On March 23, Gohar Dokholyan, Assisstant Professor, Chair of Foreign Languages and Literature, presented a course on  ‘‘Making Videos as an Effective Method for a Project- and Product-Based Lesson’’, during which the students were introduced to the mechanisms and subjects of making video materials useful for application in Foreign Language Teaching  practice.

            The students of the partner university performed all the tasks with great enthusiasm and expressed their gratitude to VSU lecturers. Angela Carvalho noted that the students take great pleasure in participating in the courses conducted by lecturers of the partner universities, and added that these courses will enable them to plan the teaching process more effectively.



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