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On June 4 and 9, 2021, SWOT analyses on EMI (English as a means of instruction) and SCL (student-centred learning) were conducted by the SMARTI VSU working team with the active participation of the VSU internal stakeholders (VSU Rector, Vice-rectors, Deans of the Faculties, Heads of the Chairs, administrative and academic staff representatives and bachelor/master students).

At the beginning of the meetings, Lusik Vardanyan, the local coordinator of the Project succinctly presented the SMARTI Project (Support for Innovative Methodology, Approaches and Tools for Teaching through the Medium of English in Order to Improve Educational Yield, Sustainability and Internationalization), highlighting the main goals, objectives and outcomes of the project. She pointed out that the implementation of the SWOT Analyses was part of the Desk Study Survey according to which each partner institution was expected to submit an Institutional Report on EMI and SCL strategies and to come up with useful recommendations on research methodology and bibliography. 

These two-day face-to-face discussions centred on the VSU strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of EMI and SCL strategies and methodology helped the VSU staff decide on the extent to which the University is ready to implement English-taught courses or modules in  two Academic Programs (Bachelor Program “English Language and Literature” and Master Program “Informatics”). Those constructive dialogues also enabled the participants to identify the daunting challenges the University is currently facing in terms of English-Medium Instruction and to think of possible ways of overcoming them.

After the productive and insightful discussions, it was decided to present the outcomes of the SWOT analyses during the National-awareness-day events the VSU SMARTI working group is planning to organise for the University internal and external stakeholders.

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