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The session of the Scientific Council, which took place on February 25, began with the presence of 35 out of the 40 members of the Council. The agenda was unanimously approved with some changes.

The first issue on the agenda was the working plan of the Scientific Council for the 2020-2021 academic year. The preliminary proposals were approved by unanimous vote after discussion.

The second question related to the process of organizing publishing work at the university. V. Hovsepyan, Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs, suggested guaranteeing the publication of the articles included in A and B issues of scientific proceedings, the collections of scientific conferences dedicated to Students’ Scientific Society and to the 85th anniversary of Hrant Matevosyan, which the Scientific Council adopted unanimously (with one abstention).

Ghukas Ghukasyan, the Head of the Financial Resources Management Department, made proposals on ‘‘Vanadzor State University after H. Tumanyan’’ Foundation’s draft annual revenue and expenditure in 2021. The report was taken into account after a discussion.

Christine Ghazaryan, the university lawyer, put forward proposals on making amendments to some regulations.

Current issues were also discussed.





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