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The results of the Olympiads for schoolchildren held in March-April have been summarized.  403 students from the schools of  Lori region took part in the Olympiads, including 278 students in the humanities and 125 students in the natural sciences.

The Olympiads were held in the following disciplines: ‘‘Biology’’, ‘‘Chemistry’’, ‘‘Informatics’’, ‘‘Physics’’, ‘‘Mathematics’’, ‘‘Armenian Literature’’, ‘‘Armenian Language’’, ‘‘Russian Language’’, ‘‘English Language’’, ‘‘History of Armenia’’, ‘‘Geography’’, ‘‘Fine Arts’’ and ‘‘Music’’. Students from high and secondary schools of Vanadzor, the 11-12th grade students of VSU Basic High School, as well as students from the villages of Gugark, Margahovit, Darpas, Arjut, Vahagni, Shahumyan, Lernapat, Lermontov, Tsaghkaber, Chochkan, Dsegh, Teghut, Mets Ayrum, Nor Khachakap, Agarak, Vardablur and the cities of Spitak, Alaverdi, Stepanavan participated in the Olympiads.

196 students from XI grade and 207 students from XII grade partook in the Olympiads. As a result of a survey, it is assumed that about 110 are expected to apply to VSU.

Thus, 7 students won the first places in ‘‘Mathematics’’, ‘‘Armenian Language’’, ‘‘History of Armenia’’ and ‘‘Fine Arts’’. 35 students took the second and third places and 40 students were awarded incentive prizes.

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