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             The session of VSU Academic Council, which took place on March 25, began with the presence of 33 out of 40 members of the Council. 10-15 minutes was set for the reports.

             H. Grigoryan, the Acting Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, presented the self-assessment report on Bachelor’s degree program ‘‘Informatics and Applied Mathematics’’. The QAC was suggested to conduct an analysis for other departments of the university as well. The proposal was accepted by unanimous vote.

            The topics of the dissertations of the applicant and postgraduate student and the scientific supervisors were approved unanimously (report delivered by A. Harutyunyan, Head of the Department of Research, Innovation and Cooperation).

            The next topic on the agenda was the discussion of the amendments to the statutes of the three faculties of the university (Faculty of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Humanities). After the discussions, a decision was made to wait for the amendments to the RA law ‘‘On Education’’ to come into force.

            The discussion of the problems related to the workload of the teaching staff, partially discussed at the previous session, was also included on the agenda. Proposals were made to recalculate the workload of the teaching staff, set up a commission and develop new criteria.

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