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The courses, the teaching of which was organized according to the students’ choice and that were taught with the curricula of the educational programs of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree were considered to be optional.

According to the regulation, the optional subjects that had been chosen in advance must be submitted before the 30th of March.

The curriculum and theme were presented to the students of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of VSU. The students had to choose the subjects within three days and give it to the pertinent department.

During the conversation with them, Hermine Grigoryan, the Dean of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, mentioned that the involvement of the students in this process had been reached its maximum height.

During the meeting with the students, they presented the essence and themes of the study of the subjects “Data analysis” and “Game theory” for proper orientation in the choice between these two subjects.

The students indicated the fact that during the process of choosing the subjects they usually put emphasis on the specialties that are in demand in the labour market. 

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