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The Student Scientific Society of the Faculty of History and Geography of VSU had organized a scientific seminar on “The basic principles of writing a scientific article”. During the seminar, the following materials were presented to the students: “What is the essence of the scientific article?”, “What are the types of the scientific article and what are the structural components of it?”, as well as the preparatory steps and the questions for checking comprehension.

At the seminar, Luse Babakhanyan, the Chairman of the Student Scientific Society of the Faculty, delivered a speech by presenting the structure and functions of SSS of VSU. During the second part of the scientific seminar, Lilit Ghulinyan, the Chairman of the Student Scientific Society of VSU, presented the basic rules for writing a scientific article, as well as the procedure for participation in conferences.

They indicated the fact that it was necessary to conduct a small-scale research study on any specific topic and to present the summary of its results for writing a scientific article. “The scientific article is a scientifically complete study of any particular scientific problem with the use of the scientific method.”

More than twenty students attended the seminar. It has been organized especially for those students, who are going to carry out scientific activity.


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