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Postgraduate education system has been functioning at VSU since 2006. In full-time and distance learning systems of Postgraduate education and as an applicant the scientific-pedagogical staff of VSU has been trained in various professions. Nowadays, according to the orders of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia, the University has the right to carry out Postgraduate education in the following specialties:

Ժ. 02. 01      Armenian Language  

Ժ. 01. 01      Armenian Classical Literature

Ժ. 01. 02     Modern Armenian Literature

Է. 00. 01     Armenian History

Բ. 00.04       Physical Chemistry

ԺԳ. 00.01   Theory and History of Pedagogy

Գ. 00. 05     Botany, Mycology and Ecology.

In 2014-18, one of the main directions of the development strategy of the University is the development of science. 

The main path to the development of science, the preparation of the scientific and pedagogical staff and the organization of the smooth change of generation is the fulfillment of Postgraduate education.

According to the relevant decree of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia, Postgraduate education should be carried out according to Bologna principles, on the basis of credit system, in our country. The educational program of the researcher consists of two parts: academic and investigatory. One year of study corresponds to 60 credits; the total number of credits is 180.

Taking into account the scarcity of postgraduate courses given by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia to VSU, it is more strategic to carry out the educational program of preparing a researcher on the basis of PhD program. According to “The Law of the Republic of Armenia on Higher and Postgraduate Education” the duration of PhD program is 5 years, which means that the applicant must get 36 credits per year, instead of 60 credits for Postgraduate education.  

In 2015, a number of documents have been developed and approved by the Academic Council of VSU so as to carry out PhD education program, which are as follows:

  1. A procedure for the admission of applicants at VSU
  2. The structure and the contents of the scientific-educational program (of Postgraduate education) of preparing a researcher at VSU
  3. A regulation for credit system of educational process, a program for preparing a researcher.

In 2015-16, 6 applicants have applied for admission, and nowadays, 5 applicants continue their education. The education process is organized according to the approved curriculum. In June 2016, with the results of the first year, it is carried out certification, as a result of which all the applicants continue their education and scientific-research work.  

In 2016-17, 8 applicants have applied for PhD program in different specialties, the educational process of which is organized according to the above-mentioned documents.

The essential functions of Postgraduate studies are the followings: to organize the education of the researcher, to support the applicants to complete their five-year education program successfully and to defend their PhD dissertation.

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