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RA, Vanadzor, st. Tigran Mets 36, tel. (+374.322) 41854 or 41855 - 160

VSU Scientific cabinet works since June 2006.

Lecturers and students get acquainted with the necessary professional materials, informed about the news that they are interested in the sphere, scientific journals with the help of computers and network. They prepare slide shows, presentations concerning to the event that they are going to implement. With the help of electronic mail the students connects with their lecturers and the lecturers connects with their colleges of republican and abroad countries.

It is already the second year as the dissertation repository is created in the cabinet, where are classified ad sorted received summaries, newsletters of the Higher Qualification Commission, the lists of review journals. It has begun to follow and inform the announcements posted on the website of the State Committee of Science, grants, as well as local and international scientific conferences organized in other universities.

Scientific cabinet cooperates with Chairs, cultural centers, Student Scientific Society of faculties.

Cabinet implements the following functions:

  • The cabinet employee, if necessary, aims to help students find the search material, the article, the book in order to find quickly and efficiently on the web.
  • The new published scientific, informative popular and interesting materials, annotations of books dedicated to fiction, articles about Armenian language, Pedagogy, Sociology and Psychology, History, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, in other words, all professional directions provided by the university, materials that can be a good base for organizing interesting events are downloaded from network.
  • The cabinet employee helps the visitors in the case of using the computer skills.
  • The cabinet stand is periodically updated with news related to various fields of science.
  • Events are organized in the cabinet.

Despite of the fact that the cabinet has scientific title, the events that are organized  in the cabinet not only for the life and activity of scientists, but also for the jubilees of Armenian writers, poets, artists and musicians.

Over 500 lecturers and more than 1000 students are registered in the cabinet through a year.

Head of the Cabinet Karine Ghazaryan 4-18-55/1-53/ 

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