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RA, Vanadzor, st. Tigran Mets 36, tel. (+374.322) 41854 or 41855 - 160

  • The Academic Secretary:

    • organizes the University’s Academic Council’s organizational works, the provision of information, management of documents and their coordination activities, forms the protocols of the sessions of the Academic Council.

    Organizational and supervisory works

    • ensures the implementation of functions related to the management of the Academic Secretary by legislation and other legal acts,
    • organizes, prepares and ensures the works of the Academic Council’s sessions and controls the fulfillment of decisions,
    • coordinates with the President of Academic Council and informs the members of the board about the possible delays in the sessions,
    • communicates with the representatives of other organizations in agreement with the Rector of the University,
    • presents suggestions related to the development and improvement of the function of the University.

    Organizational and legal works

    • organizes control on timely and efficient implementation of approved thematic plans and prepares the final report on the function of the institution.
    • ensures the agreement of the basic directions of the work of the institution, the improvement and development of plans and programs of the institution’s function’s efficiency, as well as, the improvement and development of the organization of work and its control,
    • discusses the materials, which refer to the thesis defense and awarding of academic titles,
    • prepares the suggestions of the plans of the  publication of scientific works, as well as, ensures the conduction of scientific conferences, consultations, workshops and debates,
    • participates in the works of the development of methods and criteria for assessing employees' attestation and the evaluation of their performance.
    • agrees with the function of institution’s scientific support subdivisions.
    • prepares suggestions on qualification improvement and preparation of scientific personnel, as well as on the training of researchers.
    • ensures the protection of the Scientific Council's session protocols and, at the beginning of the next year hands to the university archive.
    • requires (personally or on behalf of the organization's management) information and documents from the entity's subdivisions and other professionals required for performing his or her official duties.
    • prepares suggestions for qualification improvement and preparation of scientific personnel, as well as for the work experience of scientific workers.

    Organization of documental works

    • ensures the protection of the Academic Council's sessions’ protocols and, at the beginning of next year gives it to the university archives.
    • requires (personally or on the recommendation of organization management group) information and documents from the organization’s subdivisions and other specialists, which is necessary for performing her official duties.

    Rights and duties

    • Performs the duties which is defined by the charter and other legal acts of “Vanadzor State University named after Hovhannes Toumanyan” foundation, and she also has rights, defined by that legal acts.
    • She is not obliged to perform the orders and assignments of the authority, which are contrary to legislation, and she cannot be subjected to liability for not doing these things.
    • The academic secretary has other rights defined by law and other legal acts, and she performs the duties and the responsibility, defined by that legal acts.


    She performs the recommendations made by Rector, as well as Vice-Rectors of the University. As a norm, she presents a report to her director on the works she has carried out.

    Knowledge and abilities used in workplace

    • The forms and principles of the management, organization and fulfillment of the works, which are under the coordination of her.
    • The mission, the vision, the features of activity, the aims and the structure of the University,
    • Legal and normative framework of the sphere includes in it the sufficient amount of knowledge of the following things: (the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, the Labor Code of the Republic of Armenia, “the Laws of the Republic of Armenia on Education", "On Higher and Postgraduate Professional Education", "On Protection of Personal Data" of the rules of the Republic of Armenia, the University Charter, Internal Disciplinary Rules, the Code of Ethics, the Collective Agreement, the Maintenance of fire safety at workplace, Rational use of electricity and thermal energy, Maintenance directive of the defined norms and other legal acts connected to her own authority).
    • the types of the presented reports, the general principles of their preparation.

    The Academic Secretary will be able to:

    • reveal, analyze and evaluate the strategic and organizational issues of the University, as well as, solve them in a creative and alternative ways,
    • evaluate and analyze the process and results of the works carried out in the University, which are under the coordination of her, make suggestions on how to increase the efficiency of the works,
    • make reports on the works which are under the coordination of her.

    Additional knowledge and abilities

    The Academic Secretary must know:

    • the formation of the principles of interpersonal relationships,
    • basic rules for negotiation,
    • methods of identification, controlling and management of the employees’ motivation,
    ethical rules of employees.

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