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RA, Vanadzor, st. Tigran Mets 36, tel. (+374.322) 41854 or 41855 - 160

1.      General description of the functions of the department

1.1  Prophylactic and on-going maintenance of the IT technologies of the university.

1.2  Reasoned proposals for acquisition of new equipments to the leadership of the university.

1.3  Installation of new equipments.

1.4  Detection of failure reasons of the damaged computers, elimination or implementation of measures to eliminate them in place, if possible.

1.5  Organization and continuous expansion of the computer intranet.

1.6  Submission of proposal projects for establishing computer studies and auditoriums.

1.7   Providing the accessibility of the internet network.

1.8  Design and management of the electronic library.

1.9  Search for application programmes related to the university activities, testing, and submission of proposal projects for their investment.

2.      The role of the department of IT services

2.1  The organization and supervision of the above-mentioned activities is put on the department of IT services.

2.2  The department of IT services

-          Makes proposals during the working process,

-          Initiates the establishment of new studies and auditoriums taking over organization of activities on an engineering level,

-          Receives instructions and submits implementation schedule plans and reports,

-          Demands and receives information required for the organization of work from the subdivisions of the university.

3.      Organization of the department’s work

The work of the department is carried out by the efforts of the personnel of the department, who have the following obligations:

3.1  The head of the department

- Is obliged to draw up precise plan of actions.

- Distributes the work of the department according to the duties of the workers.

- Supervises and manages the working process.

- Is liable for the activities and technical means of the department.

- Presents initiatives and after discussing them in the department, submits them to the        leadership of the university for approval.

- Organizes discussions of the employees’ proposals and submits the final resolution to the leadership of the university for approval.

- Presents proposals for acquiring new equipments for the university subdivisions.

3.2  The engineering manager

-          Controls the correct operation of the equipments.

-          Controls the process of updating the antivirus programmes in the university subdivisions.

-          Fixes software bugs.

-          Detects failure reasons of the damaged computers and presentss necessary proposals.

3.3  The administrator of the internal network

-          Carries out continuous expansion of the university intranet.

-          Submits project plans of network organization.

-          Determines position and distance of the intermediate nodes.

-          Performs optimal distribution of computers and related resources.

-          In case of reasoned request and if necessary, organizes file server system and gives access tags by the resolution of the department.

3.4  Heads of the studies and auditoriums

-          Supervise the activities organized in the studies (auditoriums) entrusted to them.

-          Make schedule plans according to submitted applications.

-          Are liable for the property in the studies (auditoriums).

-          Fix current technical defects.

-          Present reasoned proposal of acquiring new equipment.

-           Present proposals for improving work quality.

-          Submit requisitions for acquiring other equipment and means necessary for the studies (auditoriums).

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