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RA, Vanadzor, st. Tigran Mets 36, tel. (+374.322) 41854 or 41855 - 160

The Center of culture of VSU was founded on the first of March, in 2010.

The Center of culture functions according to the charter, where the structure and management, issues and functions of the center, as well as, the functions of the staff and the operating groups and their job responsibilities are mentioned.

The main goals of the center of culture of VSU are the followings: to support the cultural structures existing in the university; to coordinate the events in VSU; to raise the aesthetic taste of students; to promote the development of cultural skills of the students of VSU; to reveal the talented and gifted students; to organize interuniversity cultural events and festivals, concerts and performances, etc.

Lectures and discussions on culture are held on a regular basis. The students watch films, performances, read fiction and conduct discussions on them. These activities are aimed at developing the aesthetic taste of the students.

The vocal-instrumental ensemble, the contemporary and folk dance groups, the literary and theatrical groups were reorganized in the University, so as to find talented and gifted students.

The dissemination and formation of national values, as well as, the tolerance towards other nations at VSU have become a motivation for a number of traditional events, actions and competitions.

It is already 11 years that the camp “Astghik” is organized at VSU sports and health resort center “Bazum”, where the children and grandchildren of the employees of VSU, as well as, children from Artsakh spend their summer holidays. Various events, cognitive and historical excursions, pilgrimages, interactive and intellectual games and competitions are held for 15 days.

The Center of culture operates according to the working plan, which includes work content, deadlines, functions, indicator and people in charge.

The center cooperates with the Council of Trade Unions of VSU, student’s council, faculties and all the subdivisions of the University.

The following groups function attached to the Center of culture of VSU:

  1. Vocal instrumental ensemble
  2. Literary group
  3. Contemporary and folk dance groups
  4. Theatrical group.


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