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RA, Vanadzor, st. Tigran Mets 36, tel. (+374.322) 41854 or 41855 - 160

Vanadzor State University has educational centers in Spitak, Tashir, Stepanavan and Alaverdi that carry out the following functions:

  • The provision of information about the University in the region
  • The organization of professional orientation work with senior students
  • The organization of preparatory courses  
  • The consultation with senior students
  • The organization of students’ internship at educational centers 
  • The consultation with the students of distance learning system
  • The provision of educational and methodological materials to the students of distance learning system  
  • The creation of databases for the university graduates living in the region  
  • The creation of databases on jobs and specialists in demand in the region 
  • The cooperation with employer organizations of the region 
  • The organization of sociological surveys in the context of cooperation between “A university and an applicant”, “A university and a student”, “A university and a graduate” and “A university and an employer”
  • The preparation of teacher training courses.

The educational centers are at the leading schools of Alaverdi, Tashir, Stepanavan and Spitak of Lori Region. 





Name and surname of a methodologist

Telephone number



No. 2

Jravazan 6 a

Anna Petrosyan

(0253) 2-30-57 

working hours 1000 - 1400



No. 1

Sayat-Nova 5

Anush Avetyan

(0254) 2-23-69

working hours 1100 - 1500



High school

Meghapart 15 a

Eranuhi Mkrtchyan

(0256) 2-46-06

working hours 1100 - 1500



No. 1

Myasnikyan 1

Milenya Dilbaryan

(0255) 2-25-49

working hours 1200 - 1600


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